Hello, and Welcome! Please come in and look around. As you can see in the vertical navigation bar to the left, I am offering for sale Handmade Anglican and Catholic rosaries (you might call them Anglican Prayer Beads and Dominican Rosaries), as well as Handmade Beaded Jewelry. I hope you find something you like now and will look in many times again. Thank you for stopping by.

My USPS Domestic First Class Shipping Discount: FREE are the costs of the shipping box ($0.60)and its 3 ounce shipping weight ($2.62/August 2016), valued at $3.22. You will pay only for the costs of the chosen items, their shipping weights, and any applicable sales tax.

MY INTERNATIONAL USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING DISCOUNT: FREE are the costs of the shipping box and its 3 ounce shipping weight, valued at $13.75 Australia/August 2016, $9.50 Canada/August 2016, $13.25 EU/ August 2016, $13.25 New Zealand and Africa/August 2016. Customers will pay only for the chosen items, their USPS First Class shipping weights, and any applicable sales tax.

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