MEN'S Handmade Beaded Bracelets

Beaded with Prayers and Blessings

For these Bracelets below, I have used Beads of glass, natural stones, and semi-precious stones. For now, I have only these.

I have strung them on a 49-Ply Jewelry Wire of stainless steel wrapped in nylon, which provides an immediate suppleness that won’t break under normal use, BUT if forced to bend, can permanently kink or even break.

For their Clasps, I have used sterling silver and silver-plated, gold-filled and gold-plated, copper, and brass-plated, all of which are nickel free.

How To Take Your Measurement: Using a flat measuring tape, measure the wrist just above the wrist bone or, if you like a rather loose fit, just below the wrist bone where the hand begins to widen. Be sure to keep a comfortable tension on the measuring tape, whatever feel you like when wearing a bracelet. You might find this easier if you can have someone help you. If you carefully take your measurement and it is different from a particular item shown here, I can sometimes either shorten the item or, if I have extra beads, can length it. Please inquire.

My USPS Domestic First Class Shipping Discount: FREE are the costs of the shipping box ($0.60)and its 3 ounce shipping weight ($2.66/January 2018), valued at $3.26. You will pay only for the costs of the chosen items, their shipping weights, and any applicable sales tax.

MY USPS International First Class Shipping Discount: FREE are the costs of the shipping box ($0.60) and its 3 ounce shipping weight, valued at $14.85 Australia/January 2018, $10.60 Canada/January 2018, $14.60 EU/ January 2018, $14.35 New Zealand and Africa/January 2018. Customers will pay only for the chosen items, their USPS First Class shipping weights, and any applicable sales tax.

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