What My Customers are Saying

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Michael in Colorado Springs CO on his March 17, 2013 order: "The rosary is beautiful, and certainly worth the wait."

Mark in Pittsburgh, PA on his December 16, 2013 order: "Arrived today. I was a little surprised. Really like your craft/artwork."

Lori in Portland, Oregon on her June 3, 2014 order: "I received my order on Saturday, and I am so pleased with it. The rosaries are just beautiful...And I love the black onyx rosary, and the necklace, I have it on now, just perfect!! I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how happy I am with the rosaries and the necklace. I will certainly visit again soon. You do beautiful work Joan. Thank you."

Lori in Portland, Oregon on her July 24, 2014 order: "I received the beads and necklaces, and they are just beautiful, as I knew they would be. I know I will enjoy the Rosaries, and wearing the necklaces. I will visit your store again. Thank you."

Cheryl in Milbury, Ohio on her August 27, 2014 order: "I love it. Thanks so much."

Sam in Elkhart, Indiana on his September 4, 2014 order: "It just showed up this morning on my bank account that I got the refund. So everything's good. Thanks again for your customer service and your products."

Sam in Elkhart, Indiana on his September 10, 2014 order: "Got the beads today....great work. Thanks a bunch for all your effort."

Mary in DEE WHY, Australia on her October 16, 2014 Etsy order: "Thank you I received it today. Love the natural finish of the olive wood." This customer also left 5 stars.

Greg in Tuscaloosa, AL on his November 21, 2014 order: "These are beautiful. Thanks for pouring your time and energy into these."

Mina in Burnaby, BC, Canada on her January 31, 2015 order: "I received the rosary today, love it."

Tom in Columbia, SC on his February 7, 2015 order: "The rosary arrived today. It is very beautiful. Thank you very much.

David in Kansas City, MO on his March 8, 2015 order: "Thanks! :)"

James in London, England on his June 7, 2015 Etsy order: "The rosary is beautiful - thank you! It's so well-crafted and just what I needed. Thank you. I'm very happy to leave a review (on Etsy) when I can..." On Etsy, James' review is "Beautiful item and very well-made." This customer also left 5 stars.

Nina in Jacksonville, OR on her July 18, 2015 order: "The rosary arrived today! It is really beautiful and I think it feels wonderful in my hands. The silver cross is lovely, too. Your bead work is very neat and nicely finished. Thank you so much for creating this very special rosary. I know I will treasure it for years to come!

Laural in Meridian, Idaho on her August 1, 2015 order for her friend Phoebe in Fresno, CA: "Yes, she did receive it as expected and she said it is beautiful! Thank you, again.

Seth in Wilmore, KY on his November 6, 2015 order: "It arrived last Thursday as scheduled. The rosary itself is of great quality and is actually a little larger than I was anticipating, which is a good thing. Thank you very much."

Vita in Westminster, CO on her January 3, 2016 Etsy order: "Got here a day early. Amazing quality. Looks better than I imagined!" This customer also left 5 stars.

Heather in Richardson, TX on her January 31, 2016 order on Etsy for my donation to a fund-raising event for the Catholic-run crisis pregnancy center in Dallas, Birth Choice, a counseling service offering free help to men and women in unexpected pregnancies: "Got your beautiful rosary today! Thank you again and Thanks for shipping so promptly. I'll be in touch after the event. I wanted to let you know that our silent auction was a big hit and many were impressed by the unique etsy items especially your rosary."

Keith in Komoka, Ontario, Canada on his March 5, 2016 order: "My Anglican prayer beads have arrived, beautiful and intact.

Barbara in Rock Hill, South Carolina on her March 19, 2016 order, originated and planned solely through email correspondence, after seeing the selection in my store on Yahoo: "I just wanted to let you know that the rosary arrived on Monday and it is beautiful. Thank you so much."

Cathy in Bentonville, AR on her March 30, 2016 order: "Joan, I received the rosary's today, they are just beautiful! You do very good work. I know the twins will cherish them. Thanks again, Cathy."

Elizabeth in Tacoma, WA on her April 19, 2016 Etsy order:"It's even more lovely in person! I'm having it blessed this Sunday and couldn't be happier with the purchase. The seller was prompt and kind, and has a complete talent for making rosaries :) God Bless and Thank you." This customer also left 5 stars.

Linda in Jackson, WI on her July 17, 2016 order: "I received the two eye glass holders. They are beautiful and extremely well constructed. Very pleased with them both. They look awesome on the glasses. Thank you so very much. A great turn around receiving them from when I placed the order!!!"

Lawrence in Pittsburgh, PA on his July 25, 2016 order: "Wow! Thanks so much for your attention. I'll let you know when it arrives... The beautiful rosary arrived yesterday. It's wonderful that the variation in the individual jasper beads offer their own opportunities for reflection, something hard to grasp through a photo. I appreciate how carefully made the rosary is and, as I thought it would, it has a nice weight in the hand. Thanks very much for your work and your attention."

Aric in Wilmore, KY on his September 11, 2016 order: "I actually got them a day earlier. They look great. Thanks!"

Kim in Bedford, VA on her September 13, 2016 order: "No problem Joan. It came so quickly- much appreciated! And it is lovely. Thank you! :)"

Henry in Fredericksburg, VA on his October 22, 2016 order:"Hi Joan, Thanks so much for your kind note. I also received the two rosaries in today's mail. The rosaries were wonderfully warm and comfortable in the hand. The simplicity of the Walnut rosary was wonderfully fresh. The walnut beads had a visible pattern that highlights the walnut wood itself. The brown with black spacers provide a calming tonal quality to the rosary. Nice selections on your part. Two features that I specifically appreciated. First, the extra spacing between the Ave beads allows my fingers to securely finger one bead at a time. Usually they are so close on other rosaries that I can easily feel two or three beads every time. Thanks for this extra spacing. Second, not having a medal at the decades split allows me to go directly from the Glory Be to the Our Father (or the reverse at the end) on a single bead. Surprisingly nice transition. Let me mention that while the crucifix complements the simplicity and coloring of the rosary, I might suggest an increase in its size would balance the look and feel of this larger rosary. Speaking of size, when I compared the beads of this Walnut rosary to the Red Creek rosary, the walnut beads seem to be noticeably larger, perhaps 12mm. I like this size. The Red Creek Jasper beads were more stunning than I expected. This coloration of the jasper stone provides an earthly feel in its red, orange, green, brown, and other tones. Your choice of the amber (?) spacers provided a rich contrast with the jasper. Again, you delivered a beautiful rosary design. I took a more detailed look at the rosaries at your Etsy site and actually found several 10mm plus rosary beads (Olive wood, Bayong wood, Jade). I will definitely be back for a holiday shopping trip. Thank you again for your note and for the warmth of the design of the two rosaries. See you soon."

Douglas in Blackpool, Lancashire, England on his October 24, 2016 order: "Hi Joan, Just to let you know my order arrived this morning. I am very satisfied with the Anglican rosary, it looks good and is very well made. Thank you for your service."

Brook in Berkeley, CA on his November 9, 2016 order: "Joan, Thank you so much for the rosary. It will be a gift for a friend that I recently sponsored for confirmation into the Episcopal Church. The wood is beautiful and the smaller black beads subtly give the rosary a fuller and lively accent. I will let you know what he says about it after I gift it. Many thanks and blessings for your wonderful work."

William in Scott City, KS on his November 21, 2016 Etsy order: a 5-star review. Thank you, William.

Justin in Houston, TX on his December 17, 2016 order: "Received. It's perfect. Thank You and have a blessed Christmas."

Mina in Burnaby, BC, Canada on her repeat order for March 15, 2017: "I received the rosary today, thank you it's lovely. Thank you."

Eleanor in Dundee, Scotland on her July 9, 2017 order: "Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm thrilled with it - thank you so much!"

Adam in Atlanta, GA on his August 6, 2017 order: "Joan I received the prayer beads and they're perfect! Thank you! Can you make a longer one that is the exact same material so I can wear it? Is this a possibility? Thanks!"

Adam in Atlanta, GA on his August 6, 2017 order for a wearable rosary: "Rosary arrived today and looks fantastic! Thank you!"

Seth in Hampton, VA on his December 9, 2017 request for four Catholic 10mm hematite rosaries before Christmas: "I was afraid you would say that. (in ref to my saying that ordering and receiving the beads and then making the rosaries would not guarantee a delivery date before Christmas) Regrettably, I need these as Christmas gifts. I really like your rosaries and I plan on buying more from you in the future, but I will have to get these particular rosaries from another place. Thank you for your personal attention. You have a wonderful ministry of helping people connect with the Lord through your art. Please keep it up."

Jeffery in Luverne, MN on his January 5, 2018 order:"Very nice work! Fine service! I love my rosaries, will use them for years to come. God bless all rosary makers."

Emily in San Antonio, TX on her February 6, 2018 Etsy order: "Bulkier than I anticipated, but love it nonetheless. Very good quality." (with a 5-Star review)

Josiah in Chicago, IL on his July 28, 2018 Etsy order: a 5-star review. Thank you, Josiah.