Handmade Beaded Necklaces

Beaded with Prayers and Blessings

For these Necklaces and their Matching Earrings below, I have used Beads of glass, color-stained wood, Swarovski lead crystal, bone, hand-carved wood, semi-precious stones, and porcelain.

I have strung the necklaces on a 49-Ply Jewelry Wire of stainless steel wrapped in nylon, which provides an immediate suppleness and drape that won’t break under normal use, BUT if forced to bend, can permanently kink or even break.

For their Clasps, I have used sterling silver and silver-plated, gold-filled and gold-plated, and copper, all of which are nickel free.

For the Ear Hooks/Wires, I have used sterling silver, gold-filled, copper and niobium, all of which are nickel-free.

How to Take Your Measurement: On a slim neck, a one strand 16 inch necklace will fall just below the throat indentation on the front of the neck. On a larger neck, a one strand 18 inch necklace will fall about the same place. "Drop" refers to the length of the dangle from the bottom of the earlobe. You might find this easier if you can have someone help you. If you carefully take your measurement and it is different from a particular item shown here, I can sometimes either shorten the item or, if I have extra beads, can length it. Please inquire.

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Leopardskin Jasper on Brown Leather
Two Strands :: Blue Turquoise Nuggets
Two Strands :: Blue Turquoise
Two Strands :: Light Blue Turquoise Nuggets
Dyed Mother of Pearl (Larger Pieces)
Dyed Mother of Pearl (Smaller Pieces)
Two Strands :: Ocean Jasper
Two Strands :: Green Turquoise Discs
Matching Earrings: Green Turquoise Discs
Red Creek Jasper Discs
All Copper
Green Turquoise Donut on Black Leather Cord
Three Strands :: Green Turquoise Chips
Two Strands :: Green and Brown Turquoise
Green Turquoise Graduated Discs
Red Apple Jasper Donut on Black Leather (Smaller)
Red Apple Jasper Donut on Black Leather (Larger)
Swoondimple's "Live in the Sunshine" Pendant on Black Leather
Two Strands :: Green Turquoise Discs and Nuggets
Two Strands :: Blue and Green Turquoise Nuggets
Mother of Pearl Cross on Beige Abalone
"Jewelled" Cross on Black Leather
Sherbet Squares and Cylinders
Golem Design Studio's  Cats Under the Stars (w/ ring)
Golem Design Studio's Cats Under the Stars (with beaded loop)
Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals
Rounds and Tumbled Nuggets of Jasper
Ammonite Fossil on Dzi Tibetan Style
Ammonite Fossil on Dzi Tibetan Style
Patricia Healey's Moon and Stars
Golem Design Studio's Partridge in the Pear Tree
Stephanie White's Handmade Glass Ring
Golem Design Studio's Cats in the Garden
All Hematite
Double Strand :: Copper and Bronze
Picture Jasper Nuggets
Polished Jasper Nuggets
Firepolished Amethyst Glass
Triple Strand :: Firepolished Amethyst Glass
Labyrinth on Leather
Triple Strand :: Gold Lined Clear Glass
Triple Strand :: Golden Grains
Stephanie White's Floral Lampwork Bead on Jade
Champagne Swarovski and Fresh Water
Double Strand :: Champagne Swarovski and Fresh Water
All Swarovski Pearls Champagne
Smaller Carved Black Onyx Elephant
Gaea Studio's Peace Bird on Venus Jasper 8mm
Kylie Parry's Stoneware Blue Owl
Three Strands ::  Citrine Speckled with Colored Glass
Antiqued Copper-Plated Pewter Linked Links
Bronze Scroll on Copper and Bronze Glass
Pearls with Crystals and Gold
Gaea's Ceramic Chocolate Brown Owl on Red Creek Jasper 12mm
Heart of Jade on Wood, Bone, Beaded Discs
3-Strand Mix :: Semi-Precious Butterscotch Amber and Amethyst with Turquoise and Red Glass
Bold and Bright ::  Dark Amber Glass Ovals and Tubes Decorated with Colors of Glass
Matching Earrings for Bold and Bright
Handmade Decorated Glass Pendant on Shades of Pink and Purple
All Golden Tigereye 14mm
 Handmade Multi-Colored Glass Cylinder on Mostly White
Flowered Glass Barrels
Garnet Only 6mm
Hematite Discs and Teardrops
Hematite Rounds and Rondelles
Hematite Facets, Discs and Rounds
Hematite Rounds and Cubes
Burgundy-Brown Pearls Knotted
Stone Hearts and Cubes : 2 Strands